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LogSat Elite 98
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LogSat Professional is available for hobbyist and consumer use.
  LogSat Professional for Windows

LogSat Elite98 for Windows is the only version that we sell to the military, companies and government agencies.  

LogSat Elite98 is dedicated exclusively to satellite tracking purposes, and does not contain any HAM radio utilities. We can also modify the program to suite contractor's needs and requirements. Please contact us for details and customized versions.  

LogSat Elite98 for Windows features the only truly portable tracking station. The GPS is interfaced to the laptop, and LogSat Elite98 continuously updates your position as you travel. Satellite predictions will be accurate even as you're traveling. LogSat Elite98's portable tracking station consists of:

  • P133 laptop computer
    • 11.3" active matrix display
    • 40 MB RAM
    • 2 Gig hard drive
    • 33.6 fax/modem
  • GPS Magellan XL Unit
  • LogSat Elite98
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