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LogSat Elite 98
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LogSat Professional is available for hobbyist and consumer use.
  LogSat Professional for Windows

Purchase LogSat Elite98 for Windows on-line now.  

The LogSat Elite98 software installed on the portable tracking station sells for $7995.00, and can be ordered by email to sales@LogSat.com, or by contacting:

LogSat Software LLC
PO Box 916340
Longwood, FL 32791 USA
Tel: +1 407 650 3008
Fax: +1 407 650 3008

Return policy
LogSat Software LLC will be able to provide refunds for the purchase price of an unopened product which has been shipped on physical CDROM media. Please note that LogSat Software LLC does not provide refunds for returns of software purchased with the direct download delivery option.

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