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*Featured on NBC's TODAY Show - "The Sex Offender Search iPhone application is key". Check out the video here on NBC (Oct 29, 2009)
*Featured on the Daily BUZZ TV Show - "This is the app you need to know about to protect your children". Watch the video here (Mar 18, 2010)

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Our world can be a dangerous place. Knowledge and awareness are our first line of defense.

SOS (Sex Offenders Search) for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms helps you locating registered sex offenders and sexual predators in your neighborhood, around your children's schools, friends, parks and campgrounds.

Are you moving to a new area? Are you buying/renting a new house? Will you be living close to any of those dangerous individuals? Are your children visiting a relative or a friend? Will they be safe?

Just activate your iPhone GPS and locate registered sex offenders in the area around you. You can also search by address, zip code or even near your contacts in the address book.

Offenders will be displayed on an interactive map on your iPhone. You will be able to navigate around and click on any of the locations to see the picture, name, address, and offenses of any individual you select.

Currently SOS only contains registered sex offenders located in the United States. Our offender database is updated once a day.

Protect your family!

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