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block complete sentences

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Topic: block complete sentences
Posted By: javelin
Subject: block complete sentences
Date Posted: 26 March 2013 at 12:13pm
Is there a way to block complete sentences or parts of a sentence?
I'm afraid that if i completly quote a sentence, Spamfilter ISP will block words in that sentence.

I want to block this sentence "Ruby Online Game".
or "RUBY PALACE Casino" and "Ruby Palace

What is the best approuch to get rid of this anoying spam?

Posted By: javelin
Date Posted: 27 March 2013 at 7:29am
34 views and nobody has got an idea? Wink

Posted By: gillonba
Date Posted: 27 March 2013 at 2:55pm
No idea.  Maybe you can provide a bit more background?  I don't think you want to get into blocking by string anyway, since you will only end up blocking a VERY small number of actual spam messages this way and you are too likely to run into false positives if you use this technique heavily

Posted By: yapadu
Date Posted: 31 March 2013 at 11:10am
You would put the phrase in your keyword list.  It splits keywords by comma, so as long as you enter the phrase without any comma it will only match the full phrase.

To get more advanced you would need to use regular expressions.

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