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Future Database Quarantine Release Wish List.

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Topic: Future Database Quarantine Release Wish List.
Posted By: Dan B
Subject: Future Database Quarantine Release Wish List.
Date Posted: 28 May 2003 at 1:11am



Can you elaborate on some of the features of the database quarantine version?


I have a question about customers like us that has MX records form domain names that point to 2 & 3 different spamfilter servers.  As of right now there is not a way to keep the quarantine emails or any config files that load every min in a central location.  I would like to see the support of UNC mapping in the options for external file loads like the keywords, black list ipís, quarantines.


FYI: I tried to run the service by having it log in as a user but when I do this, the program does not interact with the desktop.  So without the desktop interface, I donít know if everything is working.



Dan Blickensderfer


Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 28 May 2003 at 6:58am

One of the benefits of the quarantine database is that multiple instances of SpamFilter running on separate servers can all use the same database, see all email being quarantined by other servers as well, and view/deliver any emails in there.

The issue you're having with the UNC shares is probably that by running as SYSTEM, that account does not have any network rights, so is not able to access the shares. Unfortunately you're right about the desktop, as far as I know only the system user can interact with it, it doesn't work if the service runs with a reular user's credentials. Let me do a bit of research on that.

With the DB the only issue would be to replicate the local black/white list files among the servers. It'd be easier to use UNC, but pse keep in mind that Win2K replication should also do the job very easily in replicating them amongst the servers. If you change any file in any directory, the changes will replicate over to the others. You don't have to specify a master and many slaves as in NT4, now any change anywhere will be replicated.

Roberto Franceschetti
LogSat Software

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