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SpamFilter release candidate available

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Printed Date: 16 February 2019 at 10:43pm

Topic: SpamFilter release candidate available
Posted By: LogSat
Subject: SpamFilter release candidate available
Date Posted: 17 July 2010 at 10:00am
We had planned to use this forum to only release announcements for "official" thread releases. In the past year however, we have released so many pre-release builds that an "official" release has been continuously postponed.

After receiving several requests, we will resume announcing the availability of interim builds, in addition to the official releases as of now.

This said, SpamFilter RC (release candidate) is available in the registered user area. We plan on making this the next official release of SpamFilter within the next couple of weeks. The changes since the latest official release ( are as follows:

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cNew Changed the file path (but not the server name) used by SpamFilter to download updated antiviru definition files}
{TODO -cFix In SpamFilter Enterprise, fixed an issue with the MySQL triggers that prevented domains having customized settings from seeing changes made to the default black/white lists, if the domain was configured to have one of its black/whitelists inherit the settings from the "ALL DOMAINS"}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix Fixed errors introduced in Exception occurred during RECEIVEMESSAGE: ( 1 2 2b 3 3a 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 18b 20b 20c 29 30 31 32 33 53 55 56 62 63 64 65 66 671 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76a 76b 111) Access violation at address 0065542C in module 'SpamFilterSvc.exe'. Read of address 00000128}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix Changed the SMTP error code sent for the "Too many connections" from 221 to 421}
{TODO -cFix Added more safeguards to prevent issues within the process that checks the tblReloadTable, which could cause SpamFilter Enterprise to stop seing changes made to other tables while it's running}
{TODO -cNew Added new parameter in SpamFilter.ini file for SpamFilter Enterprise: ChecktblReloadTableMaxRunTimeMinutes}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cNew To avoid backscatter, if an incoming email passes all filtering rules, but cannot be forwarded (ex. mailbox full, non-existent user), SpamFilter maintains open the incoming remote connection until it can verify with the destination server that the email can be delivered. If not, a 5xx error is output forcing the remote server to generate the NDR, rather than having SpamFilter send an NDR notification email}
{TODO -cFix If the DoNotSendNDROnQuarantine=1 is set, an NDR could still incorrectly be generated if (1) the email had multipe recipients and (2) at least one of the recipients is whitelisted}
{TODO -cFix The "Settings" dialog in SpamFilter Enterprise would occasionally loose the database connectivity and would display empty domains when the SpamFilter.ini file is updated in the background}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix Solved issue that could cause Access Violations in cases of emails containing a specific malformed header}
{TODO -cFix Added new option "TerminateIdleThreadsFrequency" in SpamFilter.ini file to control the frequency used to terminate lingering idle threads. Used to increase this parameter in installations where this causes SpamFilter to stop processing incoming emails}
{TODO -cFix The new feature to handle default values for specific whitelists/blacklists in domains that are configured to be customized without inheriting default values would not propagate changes to the "ALL DOMAINS" lists unless SpamFilter was restarted}
{TODO -cNew Allowed redirects to be followed for future new handling of the antivirus updates}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix If a spam email was whitelisted by the AutoWhiteListForceDelivery filter, and SpamFilter was configured with any of the TAG and deliver options, the email would still be tagged even if whitelisted}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix Reducing the number of times the background TerminateIdleThreads process executes from once a minute to once an hour}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cNew Added ability in SpamFilter Enterprise to have, for domains with customized settings, the ability to configure each blacklist/whitelist so that it inherits the default values for ALL DOMAINS}
{TODO -cFix Fixed issue that would cause SpamFilterto crash when scanning for viruses emails with specific malformed headers}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix Fixed issue where (invalid) NULL characters in the email's body or headers where transformed by SpamFilter (violating RFC) into "." (0x2E) characters causing emails/headers to be truncated }

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cNew Increased the priority for the "not in Authorized TO" filter moving it up in the list of applied filters}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cNew The keyword searches are now performed also against all MIME headers, allowing to search for example the Content-Type, charset, Content-Transfer-Encoding, Content-Disposition and filename}
{TODO -cNew Added option to import list of domains into SpamFilter Enterprise from a text list}
{TODO -cNew Added the destination SMTP port when logging information about forwarded emails}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix : In SpamFilter Enterprise, blacklist/whitelist keywords were being trimmed of trailing/leading spaces, preventing users from searching words prefixed/suffixed by a space}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cFix : better handling of exceptions of the kind "Exception occurred during RECEIVEMESSAGE" to try to deliver the messages anyways even if they are malformed}
{TODO -cFix : SpamFilter Enterprise could crash when duplicate domains are added via the Settings GUI}
{TODO -cNew : Added ability to specify wildcards in GreyListAllowed.txt file to exlcude large number of subnets from greylisting}

// New to VersionNumber = '';
{TODO -cNew : Added entries in activity logfile to log startup mode (service/application) and to log the remote IP before country lookups are performed}

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