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Socket Error # 10054 -- Connection Reset by Pear.

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Topic: Socket Error # 10054 -- Connection Reset by Pear.
Posted By: Markus
Subject: Socket Error # 10054 -- Connection Reset by Pear.
Date Posted: 14 June 2010 at 3:48pm

I have just updated to SpamFilter V4.1.2.812 (Standard Version)
If SpamFilter tries to forward a valid E-Mail to my IPSWITCH iMail Server.
I get the following error:

Socket Error # 10054 -- Connection Reset by Pear. - forwarding to: - message queued -

From the OS where SpamFilter is running I can send out a E-Mail to the iMail Server by Telnet without any problem!

The SpamFilter Server and the iMail Server are on the same LAN (DMZ).

The iMail server log shows like this:
06:14 21:11 SMTPD(bcda0000034c04d4) [] EHLO spam
06:14 21:11 SMTPD(6d500000034c04d5) [] MAIL FROM:<>
06:14 21:11 SMTPD(6d500000034c04d5) [] RCPT TO:<>
06:14 21:16 SMTPD(6d500000034c04d5) Session Timeout on Heartbeat: total time = 308.5625, RunState = Connected

Finally I used WireShark Protocol Analyzer to determine what happens.
The connection from SpamFilter to iMail Server is fine. The E-Mail gets transfered but at the end there ar Retransmitions and finally it breaks. Get - pcap-file

Please help me!!

Posted By: Markus
Date Posted: 16 June 2010 at 5:34pm
It's me again...
Finally I got the communication to work by installing Spamfilter at the same Server as the iMail Server is. Maybe the problem was something with the VM-NIC with Windows 2000 <> 2003 on VMWARE ESX? I am still interrested in a solution.

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 16 June 2010 at 8:59pm
Please see the filtered entries in your (very helpful!) pcap file. I highlighted (15:30:11) the line where SpamFilter finishes sending the email to your server at The pcap show that the correct end-of-email sequence (<CR><LF>.<CR><LF> --> 0d-0a-2e-0d-0a) is present. There are some fragmented packets being resent after that, but the remote server never sends a "250 OK" acknowledgment that the email was received. After exactly 60 seconds of not receiving any data, SpamFilter  sends a FIN to end the transmission due to a timeout. This 60 second value can be changed via the following entry in the SpamFilter.ini file:

;Timeout when delivering emails to the destination SMTP server (in seconds)


However increasing the timeout to something longer for such a small email does not make much sense. You could however check to see if your SMTP server is employing some sort of anti-spam measures itself, which may include delaying accepting emails for more than 60 seconds. In this case, you can either disable that feature on your dest. SMTP server, or see if you can exclude SpamFilter's IP from it, or try increasing the "ReadTimeoutOutgoing" value in SpamFilter. 

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