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Problem with activation

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Topic: Problem with activation
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Subject: Problem with activation
Date Posted: 27 July 2009 at 9:30am
After a succesful test period, we puchace SpamFilter ISP today. The activatio was succesful, but after a restart of the server I get the error message:
"SpamFilter Enterprise Actication Code is incorrect and/or the external IP address of your server has changed!"
There is only a OK button. When I click that, SPAMFilter ISP is been shutdown.
Whe have 2 internet connections, so it is possible that the activation was made bij 1 connection en the check at the start of the program via the other. Doe anyone know the IP number of the DNS name of the activation server, so I can tell my firewall to use for that IP always the same connection?
Greetings, Wilfred

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 27 July 2009 at 6:01pm
We helped Wilfred earlier in the morning, but in case this issue occurs again for other users, we'll post here the solution.

The licensed version of SpamFilter, unlike the demo, is not restricted in any way, and can be executed regardless of the IP address of the server. Can you please ensure that you downloaded the retail version of SpamFilter by logging in our website below, and that you are not still running the "trial" version. For your convenience, the direct URL to your account on our website is:    (personal information removed)

You can verify you are using the retail version of the software when running SpamFilter by looking at the bottom left corner of the SpamFilter GUI window. You should see a label that says "“REGISTERED"” and not "“UNREGISTERED".

If you are still running the trial version, to install the licensed version you can simply download the "binaries"” only package from the website, extract the two executables SpamFilter.exe and SpamFilterSvc.exe in the SpamFilter directory overwriting the old ones, and restart SpamFilter. 99.9% of our upgrades can be performed this way.

If you wish, you can also upgrade using the "usual"” setup.exe installer, which essentially will do the same thing (upgrade the executables and leaving all the config files intact). However, if you'’re like most admins, you will prefer to have total control of your upgrades, thus our first method will probably be your preference :-)

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