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Honeypot everyone!

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Topic: Honeypot everyone!
Posted By: yapadu
Subject: Honeypot everyone!
Date Posted: 16 April 2009 at 10:06am
One MAJOR source of SPAM for me is the email address associated with domain name registration, as I do not use private registration.  Really the only person I want mail from is the domain registrar - and no one else.

I was thinking of taking a domain name, and registering a single email address which I will then use with my registrar (say

Then in Spam Filter I would use a RegEX honeypot blacklist, the regex would be (.*) or whatever it needs to be, to blacklist all incoming email addresses.

I can then put a whitelist for my registrars domain, so they can successfully send email through to me once per year or whatever.

Will this work? Anyone see a flaw with this plan?

Posted By: yapadu
Date Posted: 28 April 2009 at 11:25pm
Just thought I would post an update of what I did to fight the SPAM that comes from domain name registration.

I created a disposable domain, and then changed the email address with my registrar to be

So the SPAMMERS will pickup that email address and start sending their SPAM to it.

I put * in the TO Emails Black List, so basically every attempted email address will result in the IP of the sender being blacklisted.

Then I put the domain name of my registrar in the Excluded Domains whitelist.

This way any email from my registrar will be delivered, anything else to the domain will cause an automatic blacklist for the IP Address.

So far seems to be working well. The data feeds up to the realtime blacklist maintained by Spamfilter itself so everyone wins (except the spammers)

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