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Who has a big spamfilter install?

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Topic: Who has a big spamfilter install?
Posted By: yapadu
Subject: Who has a big spamfilter install?
Date Posted: 24 February 2009 at 7:43am
I've always wondered how big an install SF can be used for. I seem to recall one user on here saying they had 20,000 domains which I thought was impressive.

If you have a big one, in terms of domains or messages per day please post your numbers. If you don't mind sharing what type of hardware you use to do it that would be nice as well.

I'm currently one of the smallest, and lowest volume users out there... but I hope to change that soon and would like to know what I can expect with a large number of domains / messages.


Posted By: ImInAfrica
Date Posted: 01 March 2009 at 12:55pm
you must remember that the number of domains won't necessarily mean a lot of emails. we run SF with over 4,500 domains. one primary, one secondary (running on VMWare). granted most of these domains are dormant, or don't even receive mail, but due to the nature of our setup we can't tell who does, and who doesn't (we're in the reseller market).

Here are some stats since about Jan 2007 for our primary MX:
total inbound connections: 206,081,880
email forwarded: 69,575,871
emails blocked: 81,122,647
email attempts: 133,759,396

during the day we have an average of 50 concurrent connections.
these are stats for secondary MX which get much more spam. these are from about Jun 2007
total inbound connections: 252,058,935
email forwarded: 40,661,683
emails blocked: 88,951,851
email attempts: 120,553,366

We had instances were we refused service to some customers, simply due to their email volume, and their refusal to pay more for the service.

i don't think SF has any problems with the number of domains. you should be looking at the number of concurrent connections you're going to run.
although i must say that ever since the implementation of the grey filtering, we've seen a reduction is resources used on the servers.

good luck

Posted By: yapadu
Date Posted: 02 March 2009 at 10:27pm
Hi Amir,

Thanks for the feedback, nice to see some numbers. I'm currently ramping up to start a service of providing SPAM protection using SF. I have two servers online, one of which will need to be upgraded if the service takes off.

Server #1 (will also host mysql database)
Windows 2008 Server
Pentium E 2.0Ghz, Dual Core

Server #2
Windows 2003 Server
Pentium III 930Mhz (dual CPU, feel the power!)
650 Meg RAM

Obviously serer #2 will have to be upgraded, but will be interesting to see what a little machine like this will be able to process.

Anyone else want to share some numbers or specs?

Posted By: ImInAfrica
Date Posted: 04 March 2009 at 12:23pm
you'll quickly realize that the "little" machine if setup as a secondary will be processing MUCH more spam then the primary.
just the way spammers work.

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