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Your Are Not Allowed to Send...

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Printed Date: 25 September 2018 at 4:44pm

Topic: Your Are Not Allowed to Send...
Posted By: saracen
Subject: Your Are Not Allowed to Send...
Date Posted: 07 May 2008 at 12:47pm
A person sending an email to an address in our filter is receiving the following reason for rejection from the filter:

smtp; 557 You are not allowed to send mail to

The problem is that the person who is getting bounced is in the whitelist for that user, their domain is whitelisted and is we whitelisted his mail address specifically for the entire domain.

We are currently running SpamFilter ISP v4.0.0.772.

So far this is the only email address that we have been made aware of that is having this issue and we can't determine why the address continues to be rejected.

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 07 May 2008 at 4:45pm

The most common cause for that error is that the domain "" is not listed in your "Local Domains" list that specifies the domains for which SpamFilter will accept emails (or that the domain is listed, but there are leading/trailing spaces in it).

If that's not the case, can you please zip and email us your SpamFilter.ini file, and the \SpamFilter\Domains directory structure, and let us know what the to/from email addresses are? Please also include the full line in the activity logfile you mentioned in this post.
If your whitelist files are stored in a directory outside the \SpamFilter\domains tree, please also include those files in the zip.

Roberto Franceschetti" rel="nofollow - LogSat Software" rel="nofollow - Spam Filter ISP

Posted By: saracen
Date Posted: 13 May 2008 at 6:12pm

I've sent an email with the requested information as well as an example NDR and further details.


Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 13 May 2008 at 8:08pm

We received the zip, but it is missing SpamFilter's activity logfile, so we are unable to see what SpamFilter is doing with email being received. Can you please send that as well (or the section of the log trimmed at around the time of the email)

Roberto Franceschetti" rel="nofollow - LogSat Software" rel="nofollow - Spam Filter ISP

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