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Auto Whitelist Outbound Recipient

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Topic: Auto Whitelist Outbound Recipient
Posted By: vrspock
Subject: Auto Whitelist Outbound Recipient
Date Posted: 27 July 2006 at 12:01am

I'm trying to figure out a way to automatically add an email address into a users whitelist after they have sent a message to that email address.

For example, if I sent an email to - from our mail server, then - replies back to my email, I want spam filter to recognize this address as white listed since I'm the one that initiated contact.

I've been looking around for something to parse our mail server logs and retrieve addresses that way, but haven't really figured this one out yet.

Any ideas?

Posted By: WebGuyz
Date Posted: 27 July 2006 at 1:24am

We do this with Microsofts free log parser component and a vbs script. We use IMAIL as out oubound mail server. We spent some time figuring out how to positively identify outgoing email in the logs and then we used the Log Parser component and WSH scripts to periodically go parse the daily log file and extract 'FROM | TO' pairs and then append them to the autowhitlistdelivery.txt file in the proper format.

We also do some dupe checking and sanity checking before appending. If you go google Microsoft Log Parser you'll find it.

Took a bit of time to learn how log parser works and a lot of trial and error building the script, but sweat equity I got plenty of, money I don't.


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