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Winmail.dat exploit

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Topic: Winmail.dat exploit
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Winmail.dat exploit
Date Posted: 04 November 2005 at 1:32am


Has anyone encountered this file? When an Outlook user composes and sends a message using either Rich Text Format or HTML Format, Outlook automagically generates a file, winmail.dat, and attaches it to the end of the message. winmail.dat contains formatting information, in a human-unreadable form, that Outlook at receiving endl uses to display this email message correctly

according to microsoft, winmail.dat file can contain file attachments as well.

Don't know exact wording ... is called transparent mime?

my questions are: Does spamfilter-antivirus detect viruses in winmail.dat file.

Does keyword filter treat "encoded" contents in winmail.dat file??

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 04 November 2005 at 4:58pm
SpamFilter will not look for keywords within winmail.dat. That attachment contains RTF and other extra pieces of info used by Exchange servers and Outlook clients. To most other email clients the file is just an annoying attachment.

You are correct in stating that microsoft may add a message's file attachments to the winmail.dat. I hope for Microsoft that they do not  do it often, as probably only their own Outlook client will be able to decode them...

Unfortunately we do not have an answer on the antivirus question, as we have yet to find one that has been included in the winmail.dat file.

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