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Topic: asp pages
Posted By: Guests
Subject: asp pages
Date Posted: 17 August 2004 at 10:03am

Hey...we bought the product and I am loving it.  What a great product.  I am only tagging headers now to minimize the issues with our clients but I am working on implementing quarantine next.  My question is are there newer sample asp pages than on the first download screen.  In reading about the quarantine process I saw where it would do whitelist on delivery of messages from quarantine,etc but it is not real evident that these pages will do that?

Also, the spamfilter gateway is in our DMZ area behind a firewall, the sql server database is in our secured lan and our iis server is on our secured lan....are there any unusual tcpip port numbers that are required to be passed from dmz to lan and lan to dmz?  Do you have a list of ports we must open between the lan and dmz?

Thanks Terry

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 17 August 2004 at 11:20pm


The automatic whitelisting of sender's emails, once an email has been force-delivered, is performed by SpamFilter itself, not by the web interface. The whitelist is stored in a text file in the SpamFilter directory by default. When an email is tagged by the web interface (or by using the SpamFilter GUI) ti be force-delivered, SpamFilter will scan the quarantine database for such tagged emails, and when it finds any, it delivers them and adds the sender to the whitelist.

We tried to keep the network setup as simple as possible. SpamFilter just needs a database where to store the quarantined emails (if quarantine is enabled, otherwise no DB is needed). The database can be local on the SpamFilter server, or can be on a remote server. Depending on what the database platform is, different ports will be used to communicate with the database. We do not require any unusual ports to be open. For Oracle the default tcp port is 1521 for example, and for Microsoft SQL it's 1433 if using TCP. These can be changed by the administrators if they wish.

SpamFilter does not need to communicate with the webserver, or viceversa. The webserver will however need to communicate with the database server.

Roberto F.
LogSat Software

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