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Feature Request:

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Topic: Feature Request:
Posted By: kspare
Subject: Feature Request:
Date Posted: 12 May 2004 at 12:39pm

Just read another users post, and I had an idea.

What if spamfilter was able to be configured so that if emails came to a certain address, they would do nothing but be commited to the corpus? so that next time they will be blocked?


IE. user recieves a spam that slips through the filter. Forwards to" CLASS="ASPForums" TITLE="WARNING: URL created by poster. - spamfilter sees this and commits the message to the corpus.

That would automate alot of functionality of maintaining our databases for us and allow users to participate easily.

Just my 2 cents.


Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 13 May 2004 at 12:27am


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately that would not work unless the user had access to the original, unmodified source of the email message. There are too many users who use MS Outlook, which completelymodifies an email source. Furthermore, if they used for example Outlook Express, they could not simply forward the email. They'd have to go to the source of the email (OE does let you do that luckily), and forward that rather than what the client windows displays.

Very few users would be skilled enough to even know what we are talking about here... and since the Bayesian filter MUST work on the real source of the email this is not a viable option.

Roberto F.
LogSat Software

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