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Attachment Stripping

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Printed Date: 26 September 2018 at 2:30am

Topic: Attachment Stripping
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Attachment Stripping
Date Posted: 05 March 2004 at 9:56am

Spamfilter doesn't detect files in zip attachments,  and my NAI webshield and Trendmicro can only stop real viruses in zip files but how do you reject "non virus infected"  .com, .exe .bat etc... in zip files?  will spamfilter be able to read within zip files?


Posted By: Desperado
Date Posted: 05 March 2004 at 11:08am


If they are not viruses, what is it you are trying to block?  I am looking at my WebShield GUI right now and, I have not tested this, but it looks like if you select the "Scan all e-mail attachments" option and then set up a "Content Filter", that should be doable (is that a word?).

From WebShield's help:

You can configure a content filter to look for any word or phrase in an e-mail message’s subject line, body text and attachments. The word or phrase can contain punctuation, spaces and wildcards (such as *).

Notice that it will block stuff in the attachment.  I have not looked deep enough into a zip file to see if the names of the files would be clear text searchable or not.  That may be a question for NAI.


Dan S.

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 06 March 2004 at 11:02pm


No plans for now to read within zip attachments. We currently not an antivirus product, but an anti-spam software. We may "expand our horizons" in the future, but there's nothing short term yet.

Roberto F.
LogSat Software

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 09 March 2004 at 7:16am
I wanna block unknown viruses,  I had already tried the NAI content filters (*.exe)  but like trendmicro doesn't look in zip files. We block 100% of exe, com, bat etc... being in a zip file shouldn't mean a free ticket to my server!  

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 09 March 2004 at 7:26am
But spam and viruses have combined forces!  spamfilter should too, maybe as a separate add on?  a more complete attachment filter with email delivery delaying capability depending on rules,  zip file sniffing and outbreak detecting capabilities like when all suddenly emails containing the same file name and/or body context start coming at higher rates in a small time frame.  Thanks

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