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Attachment delay delivery request

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Topic: Attachment delay delivery request
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Attachment delay delivery request
Date Posted: 03 March 2004 at 3:03pm
It would be nice to be able to delay delivery of messages containing attachments to a later time. For example an email with a *.zip file containing a new virus would be temporarily quarantined for an X number of hours giving time for virus dat files to update in case of a new outbreak. I think the call this email parking.  Thanks

Posted By: Desperado
Date Posted: 03 March 2004 at 3:32pm


This is a good idea but I am not sure it belongs in the app itself (I leave that to others to decide)..  The way I do it now is I have all zip's blocked and I have a stored procedure that then marks them to deliver if they have aged 12 hours.  I have informed our customers of this delay and I have given them a work-around if this becomes an issue for them.  This saved my bacon with the new variant of bagle.

Dan S

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 03 March 2004 at 9:44pm

Excellent idea Dan! Wish we'd thought of it first :-) ...

Roberto F.
LogSat Software


Posted By: Desperado
Date Posted: 04 March 2004 at 8:55am

Roberto & all,

I am actually just recently learning the extreme power of stored procedures.  It has been a bit of a learning curve but I feel that I can off-load most of my db clean up and strange customer requirements to the SQL server itself.  I have had no feedback as to weather or not this was the indended function of the stored procedures but they seem to be a very powerfull tool.  Just one example is that I let SpamFilter expire messages after 14 days.  However, some customers get so much garbage that they feel 14 day is a bit long (as do I) so I run several "Early Expire" procedures during the wee hours of the morning to set the expire flag in the SpamFilter DB.  SpamFilter then kills them off on it's next expire cycle.  I am still perfecting this one as it soes seem to load the hell out of SQL server while it is doing the searching.


Dan S.

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