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Category: Spam Filter ISP
Forum Name: Spam Filter ISP Support
Forum Description: General support for Spam Filter ISP
Printed Date: 21 September 2018 at 9:37am

Topic: AntiVirus
Posted By: Guests
Subject: AntiVirus
Date Posted: 09 February 2004 at 11:12pm
Any update on using an AntiVirus program with SpamFilter ? Great product BTW.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 10 February 2004 at 5:01pm

On a related topic...

Until the built-in antivirus is available, are there certain parameters that we should maintain with existing antivirus software on the SpamFilter server?  Should the /queue directory be scanned or will it interfere with SpamFilter?  Should On-Access scanning be used on the email files?

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 11 February 2004 at 12:22am

We designed SpamFilter ISP with the understanding that admins would be running antivirus software on the server. If an infected email arrives and the antivirus deletes the temporary files created, SpamFilter is smart enough to realize that the file was deleted and will simply ignore the email and cleanup after itself.

Experience has shown that most antivirus products do not cause problems with SpamFilter. We have however seen a handful of times where Norton would cause SpamFilter to peg the CPU at 100% for a few seconds when SpamFilter dumps the activity log writes to the logfile (this occurs every 60 seconds). Excluding the spamfilter/logfiles directory from realtime scanning solves that issue, should it occur.

Roberto F.
LogSat Software

Posted By: Sean
Date Posted: 11 February 2004 at 10:11am

We run to Anti-Virus Solutions on the Server which SpamFilter Resides. First, Symantecs Enterprise AV, which indeed tends to delete the temp files in the queues. Second is Symantecs AV for Exchange, which is an Exchange Addon. This picks up any viruses which acutally make it to the Exchange Server. All programs are on the same server below is the path. We have had no problems running in this configuration (CPU useage, memory usage, and/or errors), and feel the configuration very effective in blocking Viruses by email.

Email Recieved by SpamFilterISP service -> Filtered by filter list -> Queued -> Scanned by Symantec's Enterprise AV as a file -> Sent to Exchange Server (Smae Server, differnet port) -> Scanned by Symantec's AV for Exchange -> Delivered to Recipient.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 11 February 2004 at 3:50pm

We use a similar setup but with McAfee's enterprise products instead of Symantec.  We have not run into any problems. 

But with the recent MyDoom outbreak the SpamFilter server has been really working on all cylinders and with a recent spam bomb was really taxed.

I just want to make sure I have it setup optimally so as to avoid a crash..

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