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Spam Filter Issues

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Topic: Spam Filter Issues
Posted By: steve.chadwick
Subject: Spam Filter Issues
Date Posted: 03 July 2012 at 7:20am

I wonder if someone can help with a couple of issues that we seem to have at present.

Recently the server which holds the Spam Filter SQL database is starting to have problems as the sqlserver.exe process is steadily using more and more memory until eventually I need to reboot the server in order for this to calm down again and for services to run properly again. I'm having to reboot the SQL server once a week on average.

I also had an issue the other day where people were complaining that email wasn't coming through and after checking the logs the server was receiving connections from mail servers but disconnecting them and not accepting any emails. I restarted the actual Spam Filter service which was using a lot of resources itself and things started to work fine again.

We are using Spam Filter v.

Any help is appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Steve Chadwick


Posted By: Sean
Date Posted: 10 July 2012 at 11:42pm
1. What other Databases are on the SQL Server?
2. Are you opposed to using MySQL instead?
3. Are you hitting Drive limitations on the SpamFilterISP server? Log files may need to be deleted.
4. Any Anti-Virus running on either?

I am a founding member.

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