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Quarantine Folder

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Topic: Quarantine Folder
Posted By: yapadu
Subject: Quarantine Folder
Date Posted: 04 November 2009 at 9:43pm
How exactly does the quarantine folder work?

For some reason (reason unknown) SF was not able to talk to our database, so it started putting messages to be quarantined into the quarantine folder.  Obviously this is great so they are not lost.

There was about 1100 messages in there when I noticed the problem.

I restarted SF and it started processing messages in the quarantine folder.

After a couple of minutes there were 191 remaining files, and they were not moving.  I assumed they would be processed in a few minutes.  I checked about 8 hours later and the same 191 files were still there.

They are Qrtn????.tmp files.

I also noticed a few minutes ago there were some called Qrtn???.tmp.queued or something like that.  However they only remained there for a few minutes.

Why are these .tmp file remaining, or how did they get there?  Can someone explain in more detail how the quarantine folder is handled? 

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 04 November 2009 at 10:43pm
SpamFilter spools emails to be quarantined in the \SpamFilter\quarantine folder. These files will be named something like Qrtn_SomeGUI_.tmp while they are being added to the database. If the database operation fails for some reason, SpamFilter will append the extension ".queued" to the filename, and will create another file with the same name but extension ".info" which will contain the header (to/from/subject/date etc) information for the email. From then on, SpamFilter will retry automatically to resend the emails to the quarantine when the database comes back online. Sometimes SpamFilter is unable to communicate with the database until SpamFilter is restarted. In this case, it will again retry populating the database with the queued emails shortly after being restarted.

It's possible that there are .tmp files left over due to other issues that may occur during these failed attempts. Unfortunately it's impossible to tell if the emails contained in those files were actually quarantined or not without looking for them in the database. These leftover .tmp files can be removed manually at any time. We opt to leave them on disk as, since unrecoverable errors caused them to be left there orphaned, admins may look thru them in case they lost critical emails that cannot be located elsewhere.

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