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Migration to New Filter Problem

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Topic: Migration to New Filter Problem
Posted By: bdaniels
Subject: Migration to New Filter Problem
Date Posted: 03 August 2009 at 11:23pm
I am migrating from 2 virtual machines, to 2 physical machines for my spam filters.   I have configured the new servers with new names and new IP addresses.   Everything appears to be working from a mail processing standpoint, however something is not working with the quarantine mechanism.  
When users release mail in the DB, it does not get delivered to thier inbox.   I have found the messages in the DB, and the deliver field is equal to 1.   After a time, it switches back to 0, then the Expire field is set to 1.   Then after another period, it is removed from the table and never delivered to the user.
I have experimented with several things.   First, I changed the ServerID in the table to reflect the number associated with the new server in the TBLServers table.   I get the same results listed above.   Second, I changed the ServerID to 0 and still get the same results above

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 04 August 2009 at 9:44pm

SpamFilter is designed so that, when a quarantined email is marked for delivery, the SpamFilter server that originally blocked the email will be the one that will deliver it. This is done thru the use of the "ServerID" field.

Each record in the tblQuarantine table has a field for the "ServerID". The value of that field is matched to the corresponding value for the Server ID in the tblServers table. This is how SpamFilter determines the original server that "owns" the email.

If you modified the ServerID values in the tblServers table, it's likely that now the "ServerID" values in the tblQuarantine do not match the entries in the tblServers table. If this is the case, you can try one of two options.

#1 - Use a query to modify all "ServerID" values in the "tblQuarantine" table so they match the ServerID value in the tblServers that corresponds to your new server. For example, if your server has a ServerID of 3 in the tblServers:

UPDATE tblQuarantine SET ServerID=3;

#2 If you don't care which of your two/four server is the one that releases the quarantined emails, you can set all the "ServerID" values in the tblQuarantine to 0. This will cause whichever SpamFilter server first attempts to deliver emails from the quarantine to be the one that is in charge of delivering them. The query to execute is thus:

UPDATE tblQuarantine SET ServerID=0

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Posted By: bdaniels
Date Posted: 05 August 2009 at 1:47pm

I apologise for not being more clear.   When I was describing the troubleshooting I was seeing, it was in relation to making changes to  the TBLQuarantine table.   I did not make any changes to the TBLServers table.

Inside the TBLQuarantine, I first changed the ServerID colum to match the currently online SPAM server and tried to release the mail by setting the deliver column in the TBLQurantine to 1.   It stayed in the 1 state for about 20 minutes, then the Spam filter set it back to 0, then set the expire field in the TBLQurantine table to 1.   Then after about 1 hour, the messages was completely removed from the table and never delivered to my in box.
I did the same steps above and set the serverid to 0 in the TBLQuarantine and got the same results.   What does the Expire column do in the TBLQuarantine?
Also, when the spam filter processes through the Qurantine and delivers messages, does it log the status in the logfiles?

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 05 August 2009 at 4:06pm
Ok, that's odd. SpamFilter checks the tblQuarantine every 5 seconds for emails that need to be delivered. As soon as it finds one, it will attempt to deliver it (and will log this event with a line containing "Delivering quarantined email from"), and will then switch the "deliver" field value back to "0" and the "expire" value to "1". If you saw these values changing  after 20 minutes there may be something else going on. Could you please zip and email us SpamFilter's activity logfile for that day (or any other time you can reproduce this)? Please also include the SpamFilter.ini file, and the to/from email addresses for the email.

If you're able to reproduce this at will, if you could also include a screenshot showing the "tblServers" table, and the record being delivered from the "tblQuarantine" table that would help greatly (we'll need to see the  to/from fields, and the "deliver", "expire" and ServerID fields.

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