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Spam still pass because of multiple RCPT TO

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Topic: Spam still pass because of multiple RCPT TO
Posted By: Shade
Subject: Spam still pass because of multiple RCPT TO
Date Posted: 11 January 2009 at 4:42am
Dear ALL,

I'm a using spamfilter ISP v, and I have the following problem, I'll try to explain :

I have spams sended to direction@some domain on our plateform witch still pass, even if the spam contain keywords activated by all RCPT TO domains except the first one (multiple RCPT TO on the same thread, probably CC our CCI).

The first RCPT TO was whitelisted : in logs : bypassed all rules for: direction@xxxxx from xxx@xxx ( Whitelisted EmailTO).
On the same thread (same number of thread in logs), the connection has other RCPT TO other direction@some other domain on our plateform without the whitelisted EmailTo (because EmailTo is different), and with keywords filter activated, that normaly match with the body of spam. On all other RCPT TO than the first one the first rule ( Whitelisted EmailTO) is applied. So all others emails like direction@domains received the spam... It's a problem, because we have more and more spam of this type, but we can't, for some clients, disable some whitelisted EmailTo functions... Is there a way to fix this ?

Thank you,
Best regards.

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 16 January 2009 at 7:41pm
When SpamFilter Enterprise processes the keywords in either the blacklist or the whitelist keyword files, and the email has multiple recipients belonging to different domains, SpamFilter is currently only able to check the keyword list contained in the *first* domain. The keywords contained in the other domains are not being checked. This is a limitation that hopefully will be addressed in a future release of SpamFilter.

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