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OT - Outbound Relay

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Topic: OT - Outbound Relay
Posted By: lyndonje
Subject: OT - Outbound Relay
Date Posted: 18 June 2008 at 7:09am
Hello Guys,

Some advice please.... I have a requirement for outbound mail relay, opposed to inbound mail scanning, at present I use IMail with SMTP authentication/IP relay that customers use as a relay server for their outbound mail. Over the years when customers servers have become comproised to relay spam, in turn there servers have authenticated and relayed all the spam to my IMail server. Luckily, a program that integrats with IMail is Declude HiJack, which monitors how many emails individual IP address have sent to the server in a set amount of time, and if IP address X has relayed more then Y emails in time period 1 (so many minutes), any subsequent emails are held for a period of time upto time period 2. If at time period 2, no more than Z emails are sent, the held emails and subsequent ones are relayed as normal. If however more than Z emails are received upto the end of time period 2, all emails received and held are placed on perminent hold, and future emails from that IP are not accepted/relayed. This basically protects our outbound server from getting a large build up of spam on the occacions our clients have been compromised.

I would now like to move away from IMail, to something more robust, maybe postfix? (which by the way I have no experience with!), but do not want to loose the Anti HiJack feature of Declude. If anybody aware of which (if any products) may fit the bill?? Or, as SF can now be used as a relay server, if this something that can be added?


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