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Question about "Error Replies" Message

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Topic: Question about "Error Replies" Message
Posted By: miltonqp
Subject: Question about "Error Replies" Message
Date Posted: 11 February 2008 at 5:06pm

Recently we installed Spam Filter in our mail Server. We had a problem: in tests that we made, when  a message from one of our customers contains a word that is blacklisted, Spam Filter put mail in quarantine Database and sends a mail to our customer , that mail indicates that mail was rejected because it have a blacklisted word.  However, we need that this type of issues will be transparent to Users

Is there any way to configure Spamfilter to do not send messages to sender when a mail is rejected?



Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 11 February 2008 at 8:07pm

SpamFilter will never send an email back to the sender when an email is rejected. Instead, SpamFilter will reject spam emails with an SMTP error message. This causes the remote server to send an NDR email to their customer (the sender) to notify them the email was rejected. Please note that, when an email is blocked, the sender *must* be notified to inform them of the delivery problems. If not, the sender will not know an email was blocked, and the recipient will never see the email unless they look in their quarantine (but this defeats the purpose of a spamfilter, if we require users to continuously check their quarantined emails anyways...).

This said, if admins are absolutely certain they do not want SpamFilter to cause andy NDR emails back to the sender, the following option is available in the SpamFilter.ini file to prevent this:

;Setting DoNotSendNDROnQuarantine to 1 will prevent generation of NDR when email are quarantined by causing SpamFilter *not* to send an error code when quarantining emails


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