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Discarding instead of rejecting

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Topic: Discarding instead of rejecting
Posted By: atifghaffar
Subject: Discarding instead of rejecting
Date Posted: 08 June 2006 at 10:18am


Is it possible to quarantine and discard a mail instead of rejecting it.

I have a setup where my incoming server sends emails to the spamfilter which then sends to the outgoing server.

The incomnig server can deliver only to mailbox that we have locally. For everything else it has to go through the relayhost (spamfilter isp).

I am using a spamfilter isp firewall as incoming filter and another as outgoing filter.

You can see this in the diagram here. - amfilter.png

The incoming and the outgoing part is separated and is cause more problem because of the bounces (Incoming server tries to send a bounce to someone who should be routed throught he outgoing server) - amfilter_colored.png

The incoming and outgoing servers are postfix servers.

All help and comments are appreciated.

best regards


Posted By: sgeorge
Date Posted: 08 June 2006 at 10:45am
Hi Atif, by discarding instead of rejecting, do you mean that you want to quarantine spam without sending a notice (NDR) back to the sender?

If I've got you right, then there's a global setting you can update this setting in SpamFilter.ini:


Besides that, if you need finer-grain control of which caught messages do not get NDRs, many of the blacklists allow an option of :NoNDR to individual rules, in order to target when to not send a NDR.


Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 08 June 2006 at 6:28pm

As sgeorge mentioned, yes, there is an option to do just what you ask.

Furthermore, please note that SpamFilter supports the use of a separate server to send out NDR, in the rare cases where SpamFilter itself needs to send an NDR. This happens usually when an email is accepted by SpamFilter as clean, but when SpamFilter then tries to forward it to your destination SMTP server, the latter rejects it due to "mailbox full", "user unknown", "max storage exceeded" and similar problems. In these cases, SpamFilter has to send an NDR email back to the sender to inform them of the problem. The NDR is forwarded to your main destination SMTP server for delivery. Alternatively, you can specify a separate server to send NDRs as follows inthe SpamFilter.ini file:

;An alternate server for sending NDR (non-delivery) notification emails can be used. Leave the "NotificationSMTPServer" value blank to use the default destination SMTP server

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