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Topic: not delivering quarantined mess
Posted By: j3webservices
Subject: not delivering quarantined mess
Date Posted: 03 February 2006 at 4:26pm
I haven't changed my web interface since the upgrade, but I am getting more and more complaints that messages are not being delivered from the web interface. I can't even get quarantine messages to be delivered from the SpamFilter GUI itself.

Posted By: lyndonje
Date Posted: 06 February 2006 at 4:17am
Slightly different problem but using the same version. At the moment I'm testing the web quarantine, I've not rolled it out to new users yet. But basically when I try to register an address, the password email isn't being received? Maybe related?

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 06 February 2006 at 8:03am
j3webservices -
I apologize for the delay, your post slipped thru all the weekend emails and we've just noticed it.
Are you referring to a SpamFilter upgrade or a server upgrade? For a SpamFilter upgrade, there should have not been any changes that would have caused this, unless upgrading from a very, very old version of SpamFilter (from v1 to v2.x). If you performed a server upgrade or changed servers, it is possible that the "ServerID" value for the SpamFilter server in the tblServers table became out of sync with the tblServersServerID value in the SpamFilter.ini file. Can you please open that table in your database and make sure the IDs are either the same or that the tblServersServerID value in the ini file is "0" (0 is a wildcard)? If everything looks good, can you please forward us a copy of SpamFilter's activity logfile for a day this happened, along with the email addresses you're using to test?

lyndonje -
Can you please make sure you're using the licensed version of SpamFilter, and not the free version? The free version has limited web functionality in that it does not deliver email thru the web interface. If that is not the problem, in the "Register.asp" page, can you try modifying the line:
rs("EMailFrom") = "System Administrator <>"
to something like:
rs("EMailFrom") = ""

Please let us know if that still does not work, and if so, just like j3webservices, please forward us a copy of SpamFilter's activity logfile for a day this happened, along with the email addresses you're using to test.

Roberto Franceschetti" rel="nofollow - LogSat Software" rel="nofollow - Spam Filter ISP

Posted By: lyndonje
Date Posted: 06 February 2006 at 12:22pm
Hi. I am using the registered version.

What I did this morning was upgraded to v2.7.1.523 and made the change to register.asp as you suggested and one of these things seems to have fixed the problem.


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