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RCPT TO: Question

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Topic: RCPT TO: Question
Posted By: Guests
Subject: RCPT TO: Question
Date Posted: 02 September 2004 at 1:57pm

I have been seeing some strangeness where a sender causes my SPAMFORISP server to hang. It appears that when "some" emails are being sent, the server will hold a connection with the status of RECPT TO: indefinately. When this condition occurs the only way to get control of the server again is to "Kill the Process". This can not be done by selecting "Kill" from the connections window, (I assume this is within the normal operation of the program), and the application can not be shut down normally, the process has to be killed from the task manager. When the process is killed, I get a memory error and Dr Watson. The application will run normally on a restart.

I have had issues in the past with SPAMFORISP running as a service, and I am wondering if this may be related. I have been running V2.1.1.367 as a stand alone app without issue for a while, then this popped up.

The error code is DR Watson Fatal error

could not attach to the application

Windows NT error code = 87

Sometimes there is a memory error as well. When there is a RCPT TO: hang, CPU utilization climbs up to 99% and stays there until that connection is broken, then returns to a normal state until the condition is encountered again.

I have used Telnet, and attached to the server on port 25, began a transaction, and just stopped after the DATA command was issued, and my connection times out, as expected, at the same time I can watch processor use climb until the connection actually drops. I have seen connections from the Internet grab hold and not release for 45minutes to "Hours", choking the life out of my server.

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