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use of regex

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Topic: use of regex
Posted By: Guests
Subject: use of regex
Date Posted: 28 April 2003 at 12:57pm


wadda ya think? i know, u have some unformed desire to make use of coolest things ever regex may bring us to help our war with spam! :)

now serious, it'll be cool to use regexs in blacklists, it will become WAY TOO intelligent that now.

example, that's what i allways want to be in spamfiler - to block addresses with more than 3 digits in it

here's regex for it

^\d{3,}\@.*$ - start of line then matches at least 3 copies of the any digit (\d) character than AT sign, then any number of any chars, till the end of the srting. I may wrongly use syntax but u got the idea... something like that!" CLASS="ASPForums" TITLE="WARNING: URL created by poster. -" CLASS="ASPForums" TITLE="WARNING: URL created by poster. -

so wadda ya think?


Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 28 April 2003 at 4:06pm

We had actually thought of allowing regular expressions when adding the keyword content filter, but then decided not to to simply things and for efficiency. Now that we added wildcard support, efficiency lost a bit of ground, so we may go back and add regex support as well.

If so, we'll probably add an option to either use only regex expressions in ALL local black/white lists / keywords, or to keep everything as is.

Roberto Franceschetti
LogSat Software

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