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Do you have any Keywords suggestions fo me?

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Topic: Do you have any Keywords suggestions fo me?
Posted By: dcook
Subject: Do you have any Keywords suggestions fo me?
Date Posted: 24 April 2003 at 11:07pm

I am looking for suggestions on filtering by key word.  If you have learned on how to eliminate some false positives I would apprecaite your thoughts.

I have been trying to filter out some sexual content by key word.  I thought it only triggered on complete words but today it blocked mail when it received a partial match.

For example if I had an entry as:

I would get matches on "marke" or "sammy".  Is there a way to qualify partail or whole word filtering?  Also any suggestions on how I can help reduce false positives in filtering?

Thanks - Dwight




Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 25 April 2003 at 3:58pm


On our end we try to minimize false positives by ensuring we have more than one keyword on a single line. Remember that in order to cause a reject, all keywords on a single line need to be present in the message. If you only have a single word, as in "mark" in your keywords, any messages that contain that word will be rejected. I'm including below the excerpt from the readme file that talks about keywords.

Roberto Franceschetti
LogSat Software

  • undefined" CLASS="ASPForums" TITLE="WARNING: URL created by poster. " NAME="Keywords Filter - Keywords Filter - You can check email content and headers for specific keyword and/or phrases. If found, the email is rejected. If the keyword file does not exist it will be created. The file is reloaded every minute. The contents of the file will be loaded in the memo box, allowing you to make changes to the file. The rules are as follows:

    • Keyword(s) are entered on separate lines
    • If all keyword(s) on a single line are found in the message, it is then rejected.
    • Separate keywords on a single line by using commas.

    Sample keyword entries: Sample email content and effects:
    1. mortgage,click here,mailing
    2. free,mailing,list
    3. unsubscribe
    .... low mortgage, click here to be removed from our mailing ... rejected matches all keywords in 1st line
    .... low mortgage, click over here to be removed from our mailing ... accepted click over here is no match for click here
    .... low mortgage, click over here to unsubscribe from our mailing ... rejected matches single keyword on 3rd line


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