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Topic: quarantine problem
Posted By: BillStewart
Subject: quarantine problem
Date Posted: 30 July 2003 at 3:37pm

Hello Roberto,

I am using, and my quarantine database is MS Access. After I upgraded from to, the "Refresh List," "Deliver Selected," and "Delete Selected" buttons are grayed out. Restarting the service did not help.

Can you help?



Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 30 July 2003 at 6:12pm


Have you tried going back to build .178 to see if the problem persists? There are no differences between the two builds that should affect the Access databases that we're aware of.

LogSat Software

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 31 July 2003 at 1:43am
We did the same upgrade (178 -> 190) with no problems. The quarantine log buttons work fine in 190 on our system. Running Windows 2000 server.

Posted By: BillStewart
Date Posted: 31 July 2003 at 11:18am

Hi Roberto,

I will revert to and see if the problem persists.

The server is Windows 2000 SP3 with MDAC 2.7 SP1.


Posted By: BillStewart
Date Posted: 31 July 2003 at 11:27am

Hi Roberto,

That must not have been the problem -- I reverted to and the problem persists. The Refresh List, Deliver Selected, and Delete Selected buttons are grayed out and unselectable. The Hide List button does work, however.

Also, the log file contains lines like this:

07/31/03 00:21:45:681 -- Exception occurred during ProcessQuarantineQueue: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not save; currently locked by another user
07/31/03 00:22:05:587 -- Exception occurred during ProcessQuarantineQueue: Unspecified error

I am not sure why I am getting the message about it being locked; nobody was here that early this morning!



Posted By: BillStewart
Date Posted: 31 July 2003 at 11:39am

OK, more information:

I went back to build 190.

I opened the mdb file in Access, and expired all of the quarantined messages by entering a 1 in the appropriate column, and closed it. Then I restarted the service.

I used a webmail account and sent a test message with a matching keyword to force it to quarantine. The message was correctly quarantined, and now the buttons work (!).

Any ideas?


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 31 July 2003 at 11:40am

I had the same problem with .178 and before, seems to happend when there is around 40+ records in the quarantine table(msaccess). I opened up the database with Microsoft Access, erased a couple of records in the quarantine, saved, used the hide and then refresh in spamfilter and buttons are working ok..Until getting more records than ? in the table..

Using Win2000, SP3.

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 01 August 2003 at 4:27pm

Interesting.  I am using access and have had more then 3,000 records in quarentine and never had this problem.  :)


Posted By: BillStewart
Date Posted: 04 August 2003 at 11:26am

Well, I am glad to see that there is at least one other person who has this problem. :-)

Last time I checked the quarantine database, it contained 88 entries, and the buttons were grayed out, as I said before. I guess I'll just have to manually open the database and expire the messages, until this gets fixed...

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