Spam Filter ISP - Anti-virus plugin

One of the greatest challenges facing the IT industry is the constant onslaught of viruses found on the Internet. Spam Filter ISP, our anti-spam server, together with its anti-virus plugin, is the solution.

Viruses And Your Email SpamFilter Logo 176x112It has been estimated that each and every day anywhere from 80 to 200 new viruses are created. Corporations have suffered billions of dollars in losses from each major virus that has hit the Internet alone. You don’t have to see it on the news to know about, many people, even small corporations experience it first hand every few months.

The number one undisputed method for the spread of viruses over the Internet…is email.

People are curious by nature. They get an email with an attachment, and they can’t help but to open it. Whether it’s a picture of a famous model or a simple word document, email users get hit, and hit hard. Then these machines use YOUR email servers to start spreading there viruses to even more people.

This is where SPAM Filter ISP comes in. It manages this problem for you.

Rather than having to react to these onslaughts of viruses, our new simple antivirus plug-in acts as another filter to your existing SPAM Filter ISP product.

Knowing that an antivirus product is only as good as its updates, SPAMFilter ISP has partnered with the CYREN, known for their F-PROT antivirus solution, allowing your SPAM Filter ISP to update hourly to its main servers.

Your plug-in subscription allow you to make sure that each and every email that passes through your SPAMFilter system is as clean as it can be…and the best part about it is that you won’t have to lift a finger.

Adding Value to services Here’s the best part. If you are using SPAM Filter ISP to protect your client base, lets say you are an ISP, you can now offer this service for free to all your customers. They now get virus free email without having to worry about additional software, and you are paying pennies per customer to offer it to them.

Many large companies are offering these types of additional services to their customer to keep them or enable them to charge more for their services.

The Most Important Thing is to remember is the cleaner your email, whether its viruses or spam, the happier your customers are, the happier you are! And now all of this can be found right here with SPAMFilter ISP and its new Antivirus filter.

About the Plug-in The antivirus plug-in is available for purchase separately from Spam Filter ISP as an optional component. Unlike Spam Filter ISP's licenses, the antivirus plug-in is offered as a subscription service with a yearly subscription fee. The amount of this service is $400 per year. This fee covers all of your updates and virus patterns to fight off any and all new viruses during you subscription year. To purchase the antivirus plugin for an existing SpamFilter license please login the registered user area of the website.

Download Antivirus Plug-in (32-bit)   (SpamFilter v4.6 or higher is required)
Download Antivirus Plug-in (64-bit)   (SpamFilter v4.6 or higher is required)

An Activation Code is required to enable the antivirus plug-in. A 15-day trial Activation Code may be obtained from SpamFilter's GUI on the Settings - Antivirus tab. The code is required only for the antivirus plug-in activation. SpamFilter (both retail and free versions) will continue to work and stop spam even without the antivirus plug-in. Please note that only one request for a trial code will be honored per installation.