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Multiple Instances

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Topic: Multiple Instances
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Multiple Instances
Date Posted: 23 February 2004 at 9:30am

I am currently trying to run multiple instances of SF, they are all running on the same machine and each instance is just forwarding to the next but on a different port. Emails are flowing thorugh the system fine. The problem is that i want to filter different things a each level but after an email is passed through the first level it then sees the email as internal and it bypasses the rest of my filters. Im sure its an easy fix but Im definitly not seeing it.. Also, my white list settings are the same at each level, is this the correct config?


Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 23 February 2004 at 10:15pm


Actually there is no fix for that.. Only the first instance will see the source IP address and thus is able to apply IP-based filtering on it. Once that email is forwarded to the "next step", that second server will see it originating from your own IP, and several of the filters will be then be worthless.

Running multiple SpamFilter instances is supported, but in order to be effective all of them must be receiving the emails from external IPs (the internet). Typically you'd have different DNS MX records for the different domains you host, each one (or each group) pointing to a separate IP/port on shich a SpamFilter instance listens on.

Roberto F.
LogSat Software

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