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) Error occurred during TAddToQuarantineThread

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Topic: ) Error occurred during TAddToQuarantineThread
Posted By: JeffHildebrand
Subject: ) Error occurred during TAddToQuarantineThread
Date Posted: 24 April 2014 at 11:15am
We ran into this problem with, It looks like we started getting quarantine errors last week.

04/17/14 05:00:46:548 -- (133483376) Adding to Quarantine file:Qrtn390F4869-916D-492E-9397-CFBE863B283B.tmp
04/17/14 05:00:46:558 -- (133483376) Error occurred during TAddToQuarantineThread when accessing the quarantine database: Operation must use an updateable query ( 1 83 84 85 86 86a 86b 86c 87)

... continuing until today...
04/23/14 09:45:01:998 -- (17979792) Adding to Quarantine file:QrtnE86EC5D6-6241-435D-8EB2-6BE804F49F14.tmp.queued
04/23/14 09:45:01:998 -- (17979792) Error occurred during TAddToQuarantineThread when accessing the quarantine database: Invalid argument ( 1 3a 83 84 85 86 86a 86b 86c 87 88 89 90 91)

this morning the rate was about 150 errors per second, generating log files between 300MB-500MB per day.
The spamfilter.mdb was up to 2GB's on an NTFS volume with over a TB of free space. I tried to compress the mdb, but that only reduced the size by about 12MB. I ended up replacing the mdb with a clean copy, and after catching up from the last week grew to 600MB.

I didn't try the compacted mdb since there was not much of a difference in file size, but I would think you should look at adding some type of limiter to the number of attempts to quarantine an item.

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 24 April 2014 at 10:58pm
The maximum file size for Access databases is 2GB, which roughly on average would hold only between 50,000 and 200,000 spam emails. Some deployments of SpamFilter archive that amount of emails in just an hour or two.

While SpamFilter supports Microsoft Access for a backend, that database platform is not suited for high performance applications that cause a large amount of data/concurrent connections. It's mainly used to help evaluate SpamFilter with very low email traffic. For live environments we strongly recommend the use of either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, which allow for much greater scalability.

If you need to continue using Access as a platform, you would need to ensure that the .mdb file is not reaching the 1GB limit by reducing the number of days SpamFilter retains the quarantined emails, so as to have a much smaller number of spam emails stored in the database.

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