Why Should I Subscribe for the Pro Features?

When you purchase Family Tracker, the app can be used and downloaded for free on any Apple or Android device which uses the same iTunes or Google Play account used to buy the app. You can then track as many devices as you wish, and see where they are at any time. In addition, you are able to send free messages back and forth between other devices running Family Tracker. There are no additional/recurring fees after purchasing the app to use this functionality.

Screenshot Pro Breadcrumbs-320x480

We also offer users the option to subscribe for the Pro Features of Family Tracker. The Pro Features allow you to view the past GPS Breadcrumbs for any user you are tracking as seen on this screenshot. It is important to note that if the person being tracked turns off the phone or removes the app, you will still be able to see where they have been in the past.

This could be extremely important in cases of missing persons, as the moments before the phone is turned off, or even the places visited in the past, can provide extremely useful clues to the police that is trying to locate the missing person. An example is this story about a missing child that was located thanks to Family Tracker's GPS Breadcrumbs. While we are able to "turn on" the Pro Features at anytime and recover the GPS Breadcrumbs even after a person is missing as happened in that case, being subscribed for the Pro Features already can save precious time in locating the missing person more rapidly.

Screenshot Pro FindInTime-320x480

With the Pro Features you can also use your Family Tracker app to enter any date and time for which you want to find out where the device being track was. In addition, the Pro Features allow you to export the GPS data for any device being tracked in two of the most popular file formats. You can then view the data with another application, for example Google Earth or your own GPS application.

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