Background Multitasking Notes

In the new Apple iOS4 and the Android platform Family Tracker runs in the background, and user intervention is not needed for you to track them. Family Tracker runs at all times, continuously updating the GPS location of the device. Even if the phone is rebooted, Family Tracker will automatically resume tracking and updating its position!

If the device you wish to track does not support multitasking (for example, older iPhones 3G, iPads), you can still use Family Tracker to locate their phone. Using the web or your own phone, you will be able to send a "ping" to the other device. This is done by sending the other phone a (free) “Push Notification” which will cause an alert to sound on your family member’s phone. As soon as this alert is acknowledged, their GPS position will be recorded, and their location will be updated on a map. When sent to Android phones, these "pings" will force an immediate location update.

If you are using a device running Family Tracker yourself to locate them, you will be sent a Push Notification to inform you that the family member has accepted your "ping". These notifications will be automatically re-sent every 60 seconds until they are acknowledged. If the recipient is trying to ignore them or does not hear them, this repetition will help acknowledging them.

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