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Topic: /startedbyscm:F9D641D8-40E26D57
Posted By: Guests
Subject: /startedbyscm:F9D641D8-40E26D57
Date Posted: 22 October 2003 at 6:57am

SpamFilterSvc.exe /startedbyscm:F9D641D8-40E26D57-SpamFilter

what does the decimal key behind : mean ?

is this an memory adres range ?

without it it seems that logsat gets more ram, and runs faster

(however more memory errors when flushing the quarantine items over 100 items)

i run windows 2003 now with logsat, en i can configure memory isolation per service,

and want to isolate spamfilter, behind it, and my ms$ 2003 dns server,

assigning them each 25% ram.



Tip : with procexp.exe from sysinternals it is now possible to trace logsat,

and even set the service priority under windows 200x

Posted By: LogSat
Date Posted: 22 October 2003 at 11:16pm

I'm including the contents from another post to answer this one:


Starting from v1.1.0.93 we drastically changed the way the SpamFilterSvc NT service behaved. This was done in part to try to make it work under Terminal Services (we failed, it did not work...) and to eliminate certain access violations and issues with NT4 (those we did fix). Doing that required that we start the service with that parameter to give Windows certain info regarding our service (startedbyscm - Started by Service Control Manager). The SID-like number that follows should be the same for all SpamFilter installations for all users, it in no way identifies you! (I'm sure about W2K and NT4, but I honestly did not check an XP install..)


Roberto F.
LogSat Software

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 24 October 2003 at 3:41pm

ok, so its a memory range....

mmm i will teak somewhat with it...

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