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De-listing Information for administrators

Please note that the IP address reported in the email bounce message is the IP address of your email server. To see if that IP address is listed in the SFDB you will need to access this page from the same network (same class C) of server in question.

If your IP address is listed in the SFDB, we encourage administrators to find the cause of the listing. Often this is caused by users of that system sending spam emails or viruses. If you wish to de-list yourself without solving the issue, you may do so. Please note however that if your IP is again used to send spam and viruses, you will again be automatically listed in the SFDB. For this reason, we strongly recommend you find the root cause of the listing.

To remove your IP form the SFDB, we require that you access this page from the same the server (or from an IP on the same class-C) you wish to de-list. This site will only remove an IP address from the SFDB if (1) the IP is currently in the SFDB, and (2) our webserver sees the request originating from the listed IP's network. If these criteria are met, you will see the removal link below.

This site will provide administrators with the date and time of the first email sent from your IP that caused the IP to be listed in the SFDB. The site will also provide you with a partial IP address of where the email was delivered to. To complete the de-listing, administrators will need provide the correct, complete IP of where the email was sent. This will require administrators to look thru their mail server and/or firewall logs to find the IP address in question. This will help to ensure that administrators are able and willing to solve the original cause of the SFDB listing.

No IP addresses in your network ( are currently listed in the SFDB.



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